About The Corner 10th

It's a store on 10th st and Obispo ave of Long Beach City. We just start up this business since 2017 with the idea to bring some good BBQ to serve the neighborhood of Rose Park areas.  

No one is really sure where the term barbecue originated. The conventional wisdom is that the Spanish, upon landing in the Caribbean, used the wordbarbacoa to refer to the natives’ method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform. By the 19th century, the culinary technique was well established in the American South, and because pigs were prevalent in the region, pork became the primary meat at barbecues. Corn bread emerged as the side dish of choice, owing largely to the fact that in humid Southern climates, corn grew better than wheat (which was prone to fungal infections). Barbecue allowed an abundance of food to be cooked at once and quickly became the go-to menu item for large gatherings like church festivals and neighborhood picnics.



Brisket, Pork shoulder are slow smoked for 12-16 hrs at 225F We're loading every night from 8 p.m to 10 a.m next day


Pork Rib, Beef ribs, Tri tip are smoked for 8-10 hrs for the smokey flavors


The Food Reporter

Special traditional side dishes are mac n cheese, bean, dirty rice, green .....

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